IBM Cognos TM1 – The World’s Leading Planning and Analysis Solution

What is IBM Cognos TM1?

Cognos TM1 is an enterprise planning software platform from IBM that optimises your entire planning cycle, from target setting and budgeting to reporting, score carding, analysis and business forecasting.

Cognos TM1 gives you

  • Powerful planning and analysis
  • Integrated model metrics linked to your forecasts
  • Flexible modeling
  • Company-wide engagement
  • Platform agnostic options
  • Streamed and large volume data capability
  • Cloud-based deployment options
  • The accounting edge by shifting costs from capital to operating expenses.

Cognos TM1 also allows you to respond immediately in a constantly evolving business environment and helps you monitor performance metrics and align your resources with your objectives and ongoing market events.

Why your company needs over-the-horizon visibility

Cognos TM1 software gives youa complete planning, budgeting and analytics environment to help you deliver timely, reliable forecasts and plans.

It enables you to rapidly analyse and model planning requirements for your entire organisation and use them to anticipate the correct course of action for the optimum business outcome.

Client Feedback

“Many thanks to the Infocube team for their pro-active approach in supporting our TM1 software. Ben & his team have an excellent understanding of their product & are always a step ahead in planning. Infocube are always prompt in responding to requests for assistance & keep communication simple. They have truly developed a business partnering relationship with our TM1 administrators & we are appreciative of their tremendous work.” Planning & Analysis Manager, Dick Smith.

Enterprise Planning with Power

Cognos TM1 supports a full range of enterprise planning software requirements – from high-performance, real-time profitability analysis, financial analytics and flexible modeling to enterprise-wide contribution so individuals, teams, divisions and whole companies can respond faster to changing conditions.

Cognos TM1 facilitates the use of best practices such as driver-based planning and rolling forecasting to provide consistent reporting and analysis.

Cognos TM1 works with your choice of interface including Microsoft Excel,  Web, TM1 Contributor, Cognos Insight and Cognos Business Intelligence.

Contact us to discuss the details of Cognos TM1 and how it can assist your business.

Accountants that specialise in business analytics

Accountants that specialise in business analytics

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